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The following sample web sites were hand-coded by Suzanne using HTML and an HTML editor, HomeSite. Technology used in building the sites include JavaScript events, methods and functions, layers, styles, and image maps. Animated gifs, buttons and images were developed using Photoshop and ImageReady.
The Flash is the intranet produced for First Franklin. (Due to security issues, this is only a sample of the site and contains no sensitive information.) This site was designed for use with Internet Explorer.
The Outdoor Club provides a meaningful outlet for LDS singles who love the outdoors.
Temple Hill Choral Singers bring sacred, inspirational, and patriotic choral music to the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.
Below are samples of work completed on Novell's website. Work included content development within existing templates.
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(new site)
click to enlarge Novell Silicon Valley Conference Center
(new site)
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(new site)
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Promotional banners developed using PhotoShop and ImageReady.
Yosemite Photo Album is a presentation of photos taken on a group trip.
Introducing Web Design is a tutorial answering basic questions about web design considerations, web authoring tools and careers in web design.
All About George Lucas is a web site offering information about the master creator, his projects and his on-going work at Skywalker Ranch.
Electronic Media
Suzanne specializes in web site "remodels" giving a fresh look and significan improvement to stale old sites. Take a look at the following samples:
Temple Hill Choral Singers:

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Electronic Media
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